Over the past few years Brno has become a famous destination for relocation thanks to its huge corporate development and good living standards. Many working parents choose to relocate here with their families. There is a high demand for English-speaking kindergartens in the city, so we prepared a shortlist of the best of them as recommended by Brno expat families on various fora and in Facebook groups.

EU citizens and their family members have an access to the education and school services pursuant to Education Act under the same conditions as citizens of the Czech Republic under The Act No. 561/2004 Coll., on Pre-school, Basic, Secondary, Tertiary Professional and Other Education (the Education Act). Other persons have an access to the primary education or pre-school education possibly under same conditions as European Union citizens, if they have the right of residence in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days or if they are entitled to stay in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Let’s start with the most often recommended English school in Brno. ISB (International School of Brno) offers education from the level of kindergarten to high school. Their kindergarten is specially designed for the young learners from the age of 3. The official language of the school is English and toddlers are encouraged to learn the language through playing and interacting with other students and teachers. Currently, children of 28 nationalities attend the school. They are being taken care of by a teaching staff of 12 nationalities. The school respects cultural diversity aiming to teach children how to respect themselves and the others.

Kindergarten of International School of Brno, Čejkovická 10, Brno-Vinohrady, info@isob.cz.

Second in the list comes KinderGarten. The school has two departments in Brno Campus and Brno Židenice. It is suitable for English speaking and bilingual English-Czech toddlers. The school admits students from the age of two and helps them to adapt to the multicultural environment and learn the English language. The school offers special teaching program for gifted bilingual English-Czech toddlers in cooperation with the Centre of Giftedness and Czech Mensa for gifted children. The classes aim to help kids develop their special skills and talents.

English Preschool Brno Campus, Brno – University campus of Masaryk University, campus@kindergarten.cz.

Safirka kindergarten is another commonly recommended English school in Brno. The premises of the school are ideal for kids since its both indoor and outdoor areas are safe and specifically designed for the kids’ games. The great environment combined with the skills and openness of its staff make the school a good option for expat parents. Kids are encouraged to use their creativity, learn, and have fun while setting a base for their future lives. The bilingual staff will help toddlers learn both English and Czech naturally through fun and pleasant interaction.

MŠ Safirka, ZŠ Pavlovská 16, 623 00 Brno–Kohoutovice, info@safirka.cz.

Do you have children from the age of two to seven? Ponny Preschool has study programs designed for young kids of this age group recommended by expat families. With 15 years of experience Ponny preschool promises the best educational program for English speaking kids helping them to develop their own personality in a fun and natural way. Kids learn how to effectively communicate in English and enjoy physical activities, preparing them for future education and balanced mental development.

Ponny, Krondlova 913/1, 616 00 Brno, info@ponny-brno.cz.

In general, kindergartens in the Czech Republic provide a pre-school education that is not compulsory and is designed for children from the age of three years as a rule. A director of a kindergarten determines the place, the date and time for submitting applications for admissions of children to the pre-school institution for the next school year and publishes it in a way common in the place.

Information on admission procedure can be obtained directly at the particular kindergarten, the web address: www.zapisdoms.brno.cz (in Czech only), or at the Education, Youth and Sport Department of Brno City Municipality.

We know that networking helps best when searching for recommendations. Facebook group English Speaking Mums in Brno and Kurim is a good place for expat parents to exchange advice and information regarding their children’s activities, schools, and more.

Other English / bilingual kindergartens in Brno:

  • Anglická školička, Staňkova 8a, Brno, vevina@worldmail.cz, www.anglickaskolicka.cz
  • English Nursery, Jiráskova 29, 602 00 Brno, http://www.skolka.cz/anglicka
  • Kindergarten with enhanced English education Sluníčko Montessori, Lesná, Šrámkova Street 14, http://www.slunicko-montessori.cz/kindergarten-with-enhanced-english-education-slunicko-montessori
  • Mateřidouška, Jiráskova street 29, 602 00 Brno, http://www.skolka.cz/clanky/nursery-school-kindergarten.htm
  • Jazyková miniškolka Tomcat, Dunajevskeho 34, Brno-Žabovřesky, tomkat@phil.muni.cz, http://tomcat.wz.cz/
  • Jitka Reichelová – Bilingual Kindergarten (English), Pšeník 18, Brno, Phone: 543212102
  • Viki Kids Club, Vodařská 2, 619 00 Brno-Komárov, Ing. Lívia Knechtová, info@vikikidsclub.cz

You can find more kindergartens with helpful descriptions on the website of Brno Expat Center. You need to become a BEC member to be able download the infosheet, proceed here.

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