Learn about where you can refresh your body and fill your soul with joy while in Brno. Photo: Pixabay

Brno, Jun 2 (BD) – The summer is coming and the temperatures are gradually increasing. It’s natural that when it gets hot, everyone starts looking around for a pool, a river, a lake, a beach, or anywhere they can enjoy the sun and stay cool at the same time.

Swimming isn’t just a fun way to cool off during the summer – it’s a physical activity in which anyone can participate, no matter their age, with a lot of benefits to their health.

That is why you should take a look at these suggestions that will help you choose a nice place to enjoy this season while in Brno:

Swimming pools:

Do you live in the centre and not like commuting in the hot weather? The swimming pools at Kraví Hora, Lužánky Park, and Královo Pole are the best options for you:

Swimming Pool at Kraví Hora (map) – This fancy swimming pool, winner of awards in architecture such as Best Public Building 2004 and located on top of the hill, offers a unique aesthetic experience. The summer season started on May 28, and you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pools for CZK 150 per day. More details here.

Za Lužánkami indoor pool at Lužánky Park (map) – This Olympic-sized pool offers diving towers and boards for those who like to challenge themselves and work on their muscles. Admission starts from CZK 80/day. More details here.

Dobrák at Královo Pole (map) – Recently renovated, this swimming pool offers many fun activities for kids and a well-equipped playground for summer sports. There is a cocktail bar that stays open until late. The summer season will start on June 1. Regular entrance is CZK 120/day. More details here.

Královopolská at Královo Pole (map) – With excellent facilities – a pool for strong swimmers (25m) and a pool for children (also 25m) – Královopolská can guarantee endless fun for both adults and kids. At this venue there is a children’s park with a sandpit and slide, trampoline, and sports facilities. You can enjoy these pools from CZK 150/ day. More details here.

Brno Riviéra (map) – In the middle of a huge natural park sits the delightfully clean, stream-fed swimming pool Brno Riviéra. It is usually fully occupied on hot summer days, but the beautiful architecture is in balance with the natural landscape and offers relaxing moments in a beautiful environment. The facilities offer various options for fun and sports. Regular entry is CZK 180/day. More details here.

Outdoor swimming complex Zábrdovice (map) – This popular pool, located in the outdoor swimming complex Zábrdovice, has artificial waves and is the first nude swimming area in Brno. Your kids will love the 73-metre waterslide, too. The grown-ups can have fun playing beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, mini-football, or skittles.

Sportareál Družstevní (map) – In this complex you will find the main swimming pool (25 x 12.5 m) and also a hot tub (5.5 x 2 m) which is regulated at 32°C and equipped with the newest technology to ensure protection against bacteria.

There is also a relaxing spa area with two saunas and a café suitable for both for serious swimmers and for parents with children, as well as a well-equipped gym with a cardio zone and an area where you can do activities such as yoga, power yoga, TRX, bosu core, and zumba. More details here.

Outdoor swimming pool in Juliánov (map) – This recently renovated swimming pool was designed mainly for families with small children. The maximum depth of the large swimming pool is 1.20m. More details here.

Water parks:

Aqualand Moravia (map) – This is the largest and most modern water park in the Czech Republic. Children and adults can enjoy 12 swimming pools with a combined water surface area of 3000 square metres, 20 indoor and outdoor water slides with a total length of more than 1.7km, 24 saunas and a number of other attractions. The popular water slides U-Wave, Supercrater, Wild River and Yellow Crash are open all year. There are also several restaurants, a hotel (Aqualand Inn Hotel), shops, a huge relaxation and wellness area – Forum Roman – that has a ‘sun bath’ and Roman bath, and a high-tech cinema.

You can buy day tickets (from CZK 599 at the venue) or 3-hour tickets to visit this water park. Tickets can also be purchased online at a discount. More details about the prices can be found here, and more details about the water park itself are available here.

Aquapark Kohoutovice (map) – This water park has indoor swimming pools, a rooftop pool, a sauna and a gym. You will discover a pleasant environment in which to spend hours relaxing, enjoying the water, doing water sports and keeping healthy. It is not only for swimmers and families with children, but also for schools and sport clubs. More details can be found here.

Swimming in nature:

The Brno Reservoir (map) – one of the best areas for summer fun outside the city centre, it is clean and safe. All swimming spots are easily reachable by public transportation and can be a great option not only for swimming but also for the many water sports and fun activities on the shores.

Infinit Maximus Wellness Spa (map) – The outdoor pools of Infinit Maximus Wellness Spa at Hrázní Brno have been tested for swimmer safety. The outdoor thermal pools can be a great option for relaxation and revitalisation. The landscape is both calm and luxurious.

Přírodní koupací biotop Brno – jih (map) – This swimming facility is perfect for summer fun. The water quality is high and it is safe. The pool is perfect for families with young children and is a great choice for summer fun with friends, as it’s home to tennis courts and a beach volleyball area.

Swimming pool of Kovalovice (map) – Half an hour away from the city centre, you can find the beautiful natural swimming pool of Kovalovice. The water quality is perfect and the facilities provide everything that you need for carefree summer days. The beach volleyball area and playground will keep everyone entertained.

We hope you have fun and enjoy the cool water!

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