Caught on Camera: Brown Bear Spotted in South Moravia

Sightings of the Brown bear in the South Moravian region were first reported last week. The creature’s presence was confirmed by the claims of several witnesses, and was seen through various nature cameras. Photo credit: Josef Janča – Czech TV / Twitter.

Brno, Jun 18 (BD) – With bears being a rare occurrence in the South Moravian region, residents are in awe and curious of the animal’s whereabouts. The bear was first seen a few days ago in Hodonín, and then appeared to be in Břeclav yesterday.

Footage of the bear caught on camera. Source: Josef Janča – Czech TV / Twitter.

A group of cyclists reported the bear’s whereabouts to be in a forest cycling trail between Týnec and Tvrdonice, which are two villages in Břeclav. According to the official website of Břeclav, the locations of where the bear was seen indicate that the animal is migrating towards the south.

“Bears are very shy animals, but they may react unpredictably. When you encounter a bear, keep calm and avoid panicking,” says the town of Břeclav.

“Bears can walk as many as tens of kilometers per day. At present, a migrating bear can be in Břeclav, as well as tens of kilometers outside the region,” the town reported.

The Brown bear’s population drastically decreased due to extermination in the Czech Republic, during the 17th and 18th century. Most Brown bears in the Czech Republic are in the eastern part of the country, especially the Beskid Mountains. In the past few years, most occurrences of bears involved the Beskid region – including an incident involving capturing a bear in 2018.

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