Janáček Theater Cordons Off the Area to Prevent Further Damage, While Brno Releases Set of Rules

Over the years, the theater and the park surrounding the area has suffered many damages. Recently, the City of Brno has released a set of definitive rules for the area, along with the theater cordoning off certain areas of the facade. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jul 9 (BD) – The park and facade of the Janáček Theater serve as aesthetically pleasing surroundings for theater-goers, as well as a common meeting ground for friends, skaters, bikers and families.

The theater’s surroundings – both the park and the theater’s facade – have incurred damages. Up close, one can see that the limestone facade of the theater has been damaged, with the tiles having holes, or being completely removed. The theater suspects that the damages are caused by people who use the area for sporting activities, such as skateboarding, biking, and rollerblading.

“Similar to how one must not ride their bike when on the pedestrian crossing, people are also prohibited from riding their bikes when passing through parks and other infrastructure aside from roads in the city,” explains Marie Slavíková, manager of the City’s Public Greenery.

Photo: Damaged facade at the Janáček Theater.

As a response to the damages, the Janáček Theater has cordoned off an area, which is commonly used for sporting activities. the City of Brno has also released a set of rules, which visitors of the park and theater surroundings must adhere to.

The rules released by the city prohibit the following:

  • lighting fires, using fireworks, or bringing weapons,
  • using the area for commercial purposes (outside the permitted events),
  • deliberately causing damage to the public area,
  • littering in the area,
  • driving motorized vehicles into the area without permission,
  • using rollerblades and skateboards,
  • dogs and other animals bathing in the fountain,
  • people bathing in the fountain.

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