Commemorative Tombstones to be Installed Honouring Two Famous Brno Personalities

The dedicated tombstones will be honouring Emil Paleček, and Ivan Ruller – both who are originally from the city of Brno. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jul 10 (BD) – Last month, the City Councillors approved budgetary measures for the creation of two tombstones at Brno’s Central Cemetery (Ústřední hřbitov) dedicated to two famous Brno personalities.

Emil Paleček, who was originally from Brno, was a Czech biochemist. He passed away last year, with at least 300 professional publications. Paleček made plenty of contributions to the world of science, with his research and discovery of electrochemistry in nucleic acids. He was also a professor of molecular biology at his alma mater, Masaryk University.

Ivan Ruller, also originally from Brno, was a Czech architect who designed many buildings not only in Brno, but also around the Czech Republic, and internationally. Among his many works which he designed are the DFRG Arena in Brno, and an exhibition hall at Brno’s Exhibition Center. Ruller was also a dean and a professor at Brno University of Technology.

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