Proposal of Changes in Favour of Housing for Brno’s Land Use Plan

The city’s architecture office “KAM” (Kancelář Architekta Města Brna) recently presented a draft of 150 changes to Brno’s land use plan. Photo credit: Casadei Graphcs.

Brno, Jul 12 (BD) – “In the span of one month, we have prepared the design of one hundred and fifty changes for the city’s land use plan. We did our best to finish the proposal in a timely manner, as Brno’s residents have been waiting for the proposed changes for many years. The changes are suited for the city’s needs, primarily for the development of housing and transport,” says Michal Sedláček, the director of KAM.

Last week, the proposal by KAM was submitted to the Brno City Hall’s Department of Planning and Development. The city plans to hold a public hearing in the autumn, to make the final changes by mid-2020.

Specifically, the proposal includes minor changes such as gardens being transformed into plots of land where family houses can be built, or the possibility of increasing the stories of homes, or the sizing of the floor area. 

There are also major changes that will allow the possibility to turn unused industrial areas into residential areas such as Slatina, Maloměřice or Obřany.

Being one of the oldest city plans in the Czech Republic, the existing Master Plan of the City of Brno has been in force since 1994 – thus, it does not meet the current needs of the city. The last update of the city plans took place in 2009, as the planned major update was rejected in 2015.

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