Video: Police Patrol Extinguishes Fire On a Bus in Bystrc

A patrol from the Bystrc Municipal Police Service responded promptly to an unexpected traffic situation yesterday afternoon. Photo by MPB.

Brno, Jan 9 (BD) – Just after they boarded a number 52 bus towards Žebětín, the police officers noticed a gradually increasing smell, before one of them noticed smoke coming from the back of the bus and alerted the bus driver. 
“She [the driver] interrupted the journey and, due to a possible fire, promptly let all passengers off the bus. The officers then saw the flames in the engine compartment and started using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire,” said police spokesman Pavel Šváb earlier today.

Video: Brno Municipal Police / Facebook.

Another municipal police patrol arrived to regulate traffic. In the meantime, the driver informed the transport company dispatch to call the fire service to finish extinguishing the fire and carry out post-clearance. 

Thanks to the intervention of the police officers, the whole event finished without a single injury.

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