Kick Off Your New Career at the Jobspin Expat Job Fair in 2020

On March 21st 2020, the Jobspin Job Fair returns to Brno for the 7th time. Tržnice on Zelný trh will once again welcome expats looking for job opportunities in the Czech Republic. The program includes several presentations by international employers, workshops and free CV consultation. A special program for HR professionals and employers will take place in the afternoon. Photo: Jobspin Job Fair in Brno. Credit: Jobspin.

Brno, Feb 12 (BD) – It’s a fantastic opportunity for all foreigners looking for a job in the Czech Republic – whether they are professionals, graduates, or students – to network with potential employers, get useful information about the legal side of working in the Czech Republic, and get help and advice about relocation from experts. And it’s all free to attend.

Attend the presentation: “How To Be Employed In The Czech Republic As A Foreigner?” Speakers: Daria Somova, Jan Kalina – Relocation Experts, Move To Prague (Move To Brno soon) at 10:15-11:00. Info & register here.
Meet in person your potential managers and coworkers. In photo: The team of Oracle NetSuite at Jobspin Job Fair, Brno 2019.

Katerina Kukrechtova from the event’s organising team said: “I think the Jobspin Job Fairs are successful because they are very specific. They target only one group: expats who speak English and want to find a job in the Czech Republic. The second thing is that we always try to take a personal approach to both employers and visitors. Communication is crucial to us and it makes people feel more comfortable.”

You can expect presentations for job-seekers, assistance for foreigners from expat centers, and professional consultations regarding CV writing and interview preparation. In photo: CV Consulting Panel of Grafton Recruitment at Jobspin Job Fair, Brno 2019.

Kukrechtova added why the event is so important for visitors, and what they can hope to achieve: “For jobseekers it’s a great chance to step out of the online environment, and speak with your future managers, and people you will potentially spend eight hours a day with. You need that direct experience to choose what is best for you.”

Jobspin Job Fair is perfect for candidates with excellent language skills and international education or work experience. Photo credit: Jobspin Job Fair.

The main partners of the Jobspin Job Fair in Brno are Infosys, Lufthansa InTouch, and FNZ. Brno Daily is a media partner of the event.

Important links:

If you wish to participate as an employer visit the official website for Brno or the official website for Prague.

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