New Business Platform Launched by CzechInvest to Unite Companies and Government in the Fight Against Coronavirus

The new platform aims to connect as many companies as possible that are willing and able to help the state control the spread of COVID-19. It also enables companies to offer and request assistance from each other in the development of products, services and technologies that can help control the virus. Title photo: A handout of Sigma protective equipment in Lutin / Courtesy of CzechInvest.

Czech Rep., Apr 3 (BD) – CzechInvest has launched a platform, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Health and the Confederation of Industry, to make it easier for companies to offer their products and services to the state and each other, and also request assistance from other companies. The purpose of the platform is to assist in the fight against COVID-19 from an economic and business perspective.

Spojujeme Cesko / Czech Network logo.

The platform, available at, is open to any products, services and technologies that can significantly contribute to controlling the spread of the virus. Currently, the most common items on the platform are masks, respirators and disinfectants. However, requests for other items, such as pressure cylinders and bedding, are increasing. “Demand from the government primarily focused on medical and protective equipment (masks, respirators, etc.). However, it is changing continuously as the needs change of the Ministry of Health,” said Jana Kohoutová of CzechInvest.

A handout of Sigma protective FFP3 filter at CVUT in Prague.

While the platform was initially created to help the state resolve the shortage of protective equipment, the strong interest among companies led to its expansion into a B2B platform. Its mission remains to connect as many companies as possible that are willing and able to help the state and the relevant authorities. How long will the platform be operational? “The platform was created to address this situation, i.e. to connect and help against the spread of coronavirus, which is not standard. If it works, the platform could become permanent, as so far it seems to be an effective tool,” said Kohoutová.

According to CzechInvest CEO Patrik Reichl, more than 800 companies have already signed up to the platform in the first week since its launch. While he hopes to launch an open marketplace in the future, he says that connecting individual entities with each other on a case-by-case basis is currently a more efficient method. Additionally, the individual approach enables them to detect duplicate or potentially fraudulent offers, which have already appeared on the platform.

The platform is currently only available in Czech, but CzechInvest anticipates an English version of the website and possible intergovernmental cooperation with other countries to come.

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