2020 Theatre World Brno Cancelled

Title photo: Kertész utcai Shaxpeare-mosó. Photo credit: Judit Horvath.

[Update, Apr 28] This year’s Theatre World Brno festival has been cancelled due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus. According to the National Theatre of Brno, postponing the festival would have been impossible, due to the expected pressure on theatre schedules of events postponed from this spring and summer. The new date has therefore been set for 2021, from May 20th to May 25th.

“Unfortunately, there is no point bringing performers to Brno in May and sending them to empty theaters with audiences watching from computers. Foreign performers are not even able to cross the closed borders,” explained festival director Martin Glaser.

This year’s theme of ‘climate change’ will remain the same for 2021, and a large part of the programme will also be moved to next year. Read more: 11th International “Theatre World Brno” Festival In May To Focus on Climate Change.

The theme invited a broad interpretation, including many pieces inspired by social climate change. “During the preparations for this year, no one realized how precisely we fit into the topic,” said Glaser. “The social climate is changing right before our eyes.” 

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