Man Suspected of Assaulting Women Near Vankovka On Friday Detained By Police

On Friday night, two women were assaulted near Vankovka shopping centre, with an unidentified male suspect caught on video. The suspect turned himself in around midday on Monday, and was arrested. Photo source: Policie CR.

Brno, Jun 30 (BD) – On Sunday, the police announced that they were looking for a man who had attacked two women near the Vankovka shopping mall on Friday night. The assaults, which took place in separate incidents, were carried out at around 11pm, by a man unidentified at the time of reporting. The police released a short video of the suspect.

Yesterday, one day after the police announcement and appeal for information, the man handed himself in shortly after midday and was arrested and taken into police custody. According to police spokesman Alice Musilova, the hunt for the perpetrator was accelerated by the release of the video and information from citizens.

She added that detectives were already on the suspect’s trail when he turned himself in. The police are unable to disclose further details.

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