Brno City Council To Subsidise Tenants To Carry Out Minor Repairs On City Flats

CZK 9,000 for an oven, CZK 3,000 for a kitchen hood, and 40 crowns per square metre to paint a wall. These are some of the maximum prices just approved by the city for a new reimbursement system, which should enable tenants to make necessary repairs to their flat faster by allowing them to do it themselves. Photo credit: TMA / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jul 17 (BD) – A change in the rules for tenants of city flats, approved by Brno representatives in June, will allow tenants of flats owned by city districts to carry out minor repairs and renovations themselves. Today, councillors approved a price list for individual types of work, setting the maximum costs eligible for reimbursement by the city.

The June resolution freed city districts to offer city apartments to prospective tenants, even when the flats still require some work. The new rules apply in particular to minor reconstructions; more extensive work will still be carried out by the City of Brno or the relevant city district.

The total cost of the work carried out may not exceed a maximum limit of CZK 2,500/m2. “We have now set a maximum reimbursement limit for each type of minor repair. We included all related costs in the price, such as the dismantling of the existing equipment, installation of the new, cost of materials, labour, and so on. We based these limits on the RTS Data price system, as well as current prices for this work in Brno City Center,” said Jiří Oliva (CSSD), Deputy Mayor for Housing and Property.

Tenants are free to invest more in their flats, but compensation will only be provided up to the stated limit. According to Oliva, the rule change will bring benefits for both parties: “City districts will be able to focus on major repairs and leave small ones to the tenants, who will therefore have access to a wider range of flats than before. At the same time, this allows residents to improve their own flats according to their own tastes.”

The maximum reimbursement costs will rise on July 1st each year, in line with the index of annual growth in construction work prices published by the Czech Statistical Office.

Current list of reimbursement limits. Source: MMB.
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