KYIV, UKRAINE - Apr. 03, 2020: Preparing for the coronavirus epidemic. Ambulance station in Kiev. Artificial lung ventilation devices to Kyiv City Clinical Ambulance Hospital

Hospitals in South Moravia to Receive New Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators

The South Moravian Region has purchased ventilators and oxygen concentrators to assist hospitals with the economic impact of the coronavirus. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Sep 2 (BD) –  On Monday, South Moravian regional councillors agreed to provide twelve ventilators and eight oxygen concentrators to hospitals in the region. 

“The South Moravian Region wants to assist its hospitals with the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic, which is why this equipment was purchased using regional funds. In this way we are improving their equipment and increasing the number of beds with ventilators in the region, especially for COVID-19, when pulmonary ventilation is necessary for patients with severe cases,” said Milan Vojta, Regional Councillor for Health.

The ventilators and oxygen concentrators will be distributed across hospitals in Kyjov, Hodonín, Znojmo, Břeclav, Vyškov and Ivančice.

The ventilators cost CZK 5.9 million and the oxygen concentrators cost CZK 265,000 each, and were purchased using mass procurement arrangements mediated at the ministry level.

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