South Moravian Region To Contribute Funds To FN Brno’s Mobile Covid-19 Testing Bus

The South Moravian Region will donate funds to Brno University Hospital’s mobile Covid-19 testing bus. The bus will help contain the virus across the region by establishing flexible testing stations according to need, coordinated with the regional authorities. Photo credit: Jihomoravsky Kraj.

Brno, Sep 22 (BD) [Updated Oct 1, 16:40] – To help contain the spread of the coronavirus, Brno University Hospital (FN Brno) will launch a mobile Covid-19 test bus on October 1st, 2020. Following a donation by the regional authorities to help fund the project, the electric minibus will visit locations around the region for five days in each month. The specific areas to be covered by the bus will be determined by the coronavirus situation in each district.

“Testing will take place at specific sampling points, determined on the basis of an agreement with the South Moravian Region, especially on the basis of the current epidemiological situation in individual parts of the region,” said Governor Bohumil Šimek (ANO).

The South Moravian Region has committed to donate CZK 596,000 to FN Brno to finance the project. The donation will amount to a daily contribution of CZK 4,000, and will support testing for Covid-19 across the region, in the face of the expected “second wave” approaching in the coming autumn.

The donation for the Covid-19 mobile mini test bus was approved by representatives of the South Moravian Region at their meeting on September 17th. The first trip of the mobile Covid-19 testing bus will take place on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Self-payers are encouraged to use private laboratories when getting tested for the coronavirus since they have more robust testing capacity. “We primarily want the testing capacity of teaching and regional hospitals to focus on patients referred by the regional hygiene station and general practitioners,” said Šimek.

Other operating and personnel expenses related to the Covid-19 test bus will be covered by FN Brno, with support from the state.

Learn how to make a reservation and book a testing time here.

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