In Brief: South Moravian Hygiene Office Introduces Stricter Measures for “Orange” Districts

The new measures introduced by the South Moravian hygiene authority are intended to fight the spread of the virus within the region. Teaching in universities is suspended effective from today. Photo: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Sciences. Credit: Muni archive.

Brno, Sep 23 (BD) [Updated 11:55] – The South Moravian hygiene office has issued stricter measures for the districts categorised as “orange” according to the coronavirus traffic light map. The measures announced yesterday will be effective from today.

Among the new rules is a suspension of in-person teaching in universities, with exceptions for individual consultations, groups for testing smaller than 10, and research or laboratory groups smaller than 15. Wearing facemasks is now compulsory at outdoor events with over 100 people. The office has also recommended the suspension of visits to medical and social care facilities.

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