Police Report: 16 Establishments Stayed Open Past 8pm Last Night

Despite the re-introduction of tighter measures yesterday, several restaurants and pubs remained open to serve customers. The Czech police conducted almost 4,200 inspections, with no major violations reported. Photo credit: Police CR Video

Czech Rep., Dec 10 (BD) – Due to the recent increase in the PES risk score, the government re-introduced certain measures on Wednesday to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. These measures stipulated that restaurants should close by 8pm, instead of 10pm. The police reported that there were no major violations of the measure yesterday.

Last night, 16 establishments in the Czech Republic did not comply with the new closing time. The police were able to resolve five cases by agreement, ten cases were reported to the administrative body and one fine was issued. In total, the police carried out 4,189 inspections of restaurants and bars yesterday.

In the South Moravian region, police officers made 534 inspections in restaurants, the vast majority of which were in compliance with the regulations. One case was resolved by agreement, two cases will be held liable in administrative proceedings and in one case, a fine was given on the spot.

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