DPMB Donates Bus to Transport Homeless to Contact Centre in Brno-Židenice

An old bus was donated on Wednesday by the Brno Transport Company to the Bučovice Christian Aid Association to help transport homeless people from locations around the city to the contact centre in Brno-Židenice, where they can get food, clothes and access to basic hygiene facilities. Photo credit: DPMB via Facebook.

Brno, Jan 15 (BD) – On Wednesday, a bus was donated by the Brno Transport Company (DPMB) to the Bučovice Christian Aid Association, which operates a contact centre for the homeless. The centre was established at the Židenice barracks by the City of Brno last April. The bus will be used to transport homeless people from around the city to the contact centre, where they can get food, clothes and access to hygiene facilities. 

“The contact centre is too far for some homeless people to visit every day. This service, which we can provide thanks to the DPMB, will make their journeys easier. The Bučovice Christian Aid Association will transport clients to the centre from selected locations once a week and then transport them back,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková.

The association previously had two buses for this purpose, but one is no longer in operation, so DPMB arranged for a bus to be given to the association. 

“It is ideal to give old things a new purpose. The bus is fully functional, but no longer meets our demands in terms of low-floor public transport cars in Brno. However, after careful inspection and service by our employees, it is still good to serve precisely these purposes,” explained Miloš Havránek, General Director of DPMB.

The Karosa B 931E bus donated by DPMB to the association has been in service to the city since 2001, and underwent repairs in 2013. Last autumn, the bus was removed from service after DPMB purchased new air-conditioned and low-floor SOR buses.

According to the City of Brno, the contact centres project is a success, with up to 60 people housed permanently to help them return to normal life.

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