Brno Exhibition Centre Tops List of Czech Vaccination Facilities

With over 44,000 doses administered, the vaccination centre at the Brno Exhibition Centre is the most efficient vaccination facility in the country. The number of vaccinations is increasing rapidly and the epidemic seems to be slowing down, but the Czech Republic still has a high number of patients in hospitals and death rate. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the South Moravian Region.

Czech Rep., Mar 19 (BD) – The high-capacity center at the Brno Exhibition Grounds has so far administered more vaccinations than any other facility in the Czech Republic. This may change as a large-capacity vaccination centre is planned to open at the O2 Universum hall in Prague next month. 

According to the Ministry of Health, over 1,263,000 vaccinations have been administered in the Czech Republic since vaccination began in late December. As of March 18th, the regions leading in vaccinations are Moravia-Silesia (133.021), Central Bohemia (136,823), South Moravia (149,708) and the City of Prague (231,768). Data from the Ministry of Health shows that the Brno University Hospital, which operates the vaccination centre at the Brno Exhibition Grounds, is leading in the number of vaccinations reported. 

Vaccinations Centres Reporting Over 25 Thousand Vaccinations (As of March 18th)

  1. Brno University Hospital – 44,418
  2. Central Military Hospital (Prague) –  30,725
  3. FN Ostrava – 30,582
  4. Bulovka University Hospital (Prague) – 28,936
  5. Thomayer University Hospital (Prague) – 25,978
  6. St. Anne’s Hospital, Brno – 25,852
  7. FN Královské Vinohrady (Prague) – 25,238 

While the daily number of cases are currently lower than the previous week and the reproduction number is 0.93, indicating that the epidemic is slowing down, hospitals are experiencing ongoing issues with capacity, and the mortality rate remains serious. On Thursday, 8,773 people were in hospital with coronavirus, almost 2,000 of whom were in critical condition or in intensive care. Since last March, coronavirus has claimed 24,331 lives in the country.  

According to statistics from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the Czech Republic has had the highest number of deaths per capita in Europe over the last two weeks, with 27 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Slovakia with around 24 and Hungary with nearly 21 deaths.

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