New and Existing Construction Projects To Cause Road Closures In Brno This Year

This year will see a variety of road repairs and improvements, and associated closures. New projects to be launched include repairs to the Semilasso railway triangle and the water and sewerage system on Šumavská, while some works will continue, such as the Žabovřeská outer city ring road and work on the sewerage system on Křížkovského. After several years, the construction of the Plotní tram line will be completed this summer. Photo: Pisárecký tunel. Credit: Z. Kolařík / MMB.

Brno, Mar 24 (BD) – This year, several important repair and reconstruction projects are due to begin in Brno which will entail traffic restrictions. The result of the work, however, will be improved sewerage systems and water supply, modern economical hot water pipes replacing older steam pipelines, and roads with new surfaces more comfortable for drivers and cyclists.

According to Brno’s Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS), every effort has been made to minimise disruption by coordinating the work of different agencies: “Examples are the work at Tuřanka, where gas works will be combined with work by Brno Waterworks and Sewerage. The coordination of multiple activities on one street allows you to dig up the section only once and do everything necessary, so the closure does not cause unnecessary disruption for several years. I believe this is appreciated by residents in the areas where we use this approach.” 

Approximately CZK 261 million will be spent replacing steam pipelines this year. Petr Fajmon, CEO of Teplárny Brno, highlighted the wider benefits of the project: “Every kilometer of steam pipeline replaced by a hot water pipeline means an annual reduction in emissions of 336 tons of CO2. After the completion of the entire reconstruction, it will be the same as if 10,000 cars disappeared from Brno.” The work will also considerably reduce heating costs for households.

New projects to be launched this year include the repairs of the Semilasso railway triangle and the water supply and sewerage system on Šumavská. Meanwhile, other large projects which are already underway will continue, including work on the sewerage system on Křížkovského, and the Žabovřeská outer city ring road (VMO). 

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Photos: Blast excavation in Žabovřeská. Credit: R. Matuszková / MMB.

New projects in the pipeline…

As well as continuing work on VMO Žabovřeská, this year will see the launch of the long-awaited construction of the section of the VMO around ​​Tomkovo náměstí and Rokytova, scheduled to last until 2024.

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Photo: Section of the VMO around Tomkovo náměstí. Credit: Z. Kolařík / MMB.

Stage VII and VIII of the city flood defenses should begin in the summer, on the section of the Svratka River from the Riviera swimming pool along Poříčí to the viaduct at Uhelná. The felling of trees in preparation already began in February. As well as protecting residents and their property from floods, the project aims to revitalize the waterway and make the area more attractive and free for further development, and should be finished in 2023.

Tuřanka in Slatina will see reconstruction of its sewer and water supply system this year. Gas supply repairs will start in April, followed in July by Brno Waterworks and Sewerage. April will also see the commencement of work to replace steam pipelines with hot water pipelines in the areas of ​​Bratislavská–Soudní, Rybářská–Křížkovského, and Mendlovo náměstí. The work will last until October and will limit the amount of parking available in the affected areas.

New water supply and sewerage, tram tracks and surface will be installed at the intersection of Kosmova and Palackého třída near Semilasso in the spring. The Brno Transport Company (DPMB) is also planning work on Jedovnická in Líšeň and the tram loop in Komárov.

In October, reconstruction work will start on the sewerage and water supply system on Šumavská in the section between Kounicova and Pod Kaštany. The works will also affect Pod Kaštany between Šumavská and Šelepova.

DPMB will collaborate with the road maintenance agencies of the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region to replace the masts, overhead lines and repair the road surface on Šlapanická. At the end of the year, the regional road maintenance agency should also repair the emergency condition of the bridge on Rakovecka connecting the Brno Dam and the neighboring lagoon at Rakovec.

…and some continuing

In addition to new projects, various projects are continuing from previous months or years, including work on VMO Žabovřeská, reconstruction of the sewerage and water supply systems on Křížkovského, Besední and Veselá, and the extension of the tram line to the Campus complex at Bohunice (to be completed at the end of 2022). The South Moravian Region’s Road management and maintenance team is also continuing work on Bělohorská. Preparations for the construction of a multifunctional hall at the Brno Exhibition Centre are also continuing.

Photo: The extension of the tram line to the Campus complex at Bohunice. Credit: DPMB / FB Šalinou na kampus.

In the summer, work on the Plotní tram project will finally come to an end. The tram line will move from Dornych to Plotní, and other transport will be rerouted along the upgraded Dornych.

Aside from these major works, other projects are also planned for 2021. For more information on current traffic construction works and related restrictions, check the website

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