Collection Of Biodegradable Waste In Brno To Start Monday

SAKO Brno will distribute 1,000 bins around the city to collect biodegradable waste. The first brown containers will appear in the city from April 12th. Individual city districts will collect the biodegradable waste once a week. Photo Credit: SAKO Brno (Cropped).

Czech Rep., Apr 7 (BD) – SAKO Brno, the city waste collection and incineration company, will distribute 1,000 bins to enable the systematic collection of biodegradable waste. The first brown containers will appear in the city streets as early as next week. Individual city districts will collect the biodegradable waste once a week. Each of the bins will carry a sticker explaining how the bin should be used. With 37 waste collection centers in operation, the City of Brno is seeking to be one of the leading cities in the Czech Republic in terms of efficiency and accessibility of environment-friendly solutions to waste management.  

Until now, biodegradable waste has been collected in Brno in other ways. For example, 168 tons of biodegradable waste were collected in 2019 in large-volume containers, with the help of mobile collection and collection at selected biowaste centers. First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL) explained the operation of the new scheme: “Brown bins will be placed in selected container nests. The city districts themselves have decided exactly how many brown bins they want and where to place them. We were able to purchase 1,000 brown bins with a volume of 240 liters and 35 large-volume containers with a volume of 15,000 liters. This will allow the inhabitants of Brno to conveniently sort plant-based kitchen waste.” Currently, 5 bio-waste bins have been allocated for Bohunice, 11 for Bosonohy, 90 for Bystrc, 40 for Kohoutovice, 11 for Královo Pole, 56 for Líšeň, 50 for Nový Lískovec and 49 for Brno-střed. The full list can be found here

“The amount of biowaste is growing every year. More than 3,500 tons were collected at our collection centers alone last year, an increase of a third in the last five years. It is necessary for the city to approach the collection of biowaste more systematically than before,” said Filip Leder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAKO Brno.

SAKO Brno is calling attention to the fact that the bio-waste bins should not be used to dispose of garden waste, for which there are special waste collection centers in Brno during the gardening season, where biowaste from gardens can be stored in large containers. “For owners of composters, home composting is still the best way to dispose of their own biowaste. It is ecological, the costs of waste transport are eliminated and compost enriches the soil,” said Leder. The organic bins will be available to collect leftover plant-based food, such as vegetable and fruit peel, tea bags, and coffee waste. Waste from animal residues such as meat, bones, and dairy products is not eligible for biodegradable containers, and nor is construction waste, rocks, textiles, cigarettes, ashes, commodities such as plastics, metals, glass, and mixed municipal waste. 

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