This Spring Sees Doors Unlocked For 4th Year Of Open House Brno

In the last weekend of May, Brno will open the doors of its architectural artworks for the fourth edition of the Open House Worldwide Festival. Organizers and volunteers are working hard to provide audiences with an authentic, exciting, and enriching experience with all the necessary anti-epidemic precautions. Photo Credit: Open House Brno

Czech Rep., Apr 8 (BD) – Despite all the practical difficulties caused by the pandemic, the weekend of May 28th-29th will see Brno host the fourth edition of the international Open House architecture festival, which allows all citizens to visit buildings, houses, and spaces which are generally not open to the public. The exhibition is open access and includes a guided tour through noteworthy architectural artworks. 

Last year, thanks to the hard work of the organizers and volunteers, it was possible to experience a digital tour through the architectural artworks of Brno, but this time it is hoped that the pandemic will not stop visitors enjoying the event in person, provided the necessary health measures are taken to reduce the risk. Anyone can take part as a visitor or volunteer, registering on the Open House Brno website. The role of volunteers is to accompany groups and give them a detailed historical and artistic account of the various spaces. All are invited to propose new interesting sites, such as private houses with architectural peculiarities and unknown historical buildings. On this year’s tour, you can discover architectural works of various styles, currently used for a range of different functions and purposes. 

One of the landmarks participating in the festival is Masaryk University’s CEITEC building, an example of high-tech architecture that combines design and functionality (which you can reach by taking the number 60 bus from Hlavní Nádraží to Univerzitní Kampus-sever). Another destination on the tour is the Brno-Lesná Roman Catholic parish church (‘Římskokatolická farnost Brno-Lesná’), a futuristic building designed by Atelier Štěpán (accessible via trams 9 or 11 to Čertova rokle, Lesná). 

The idea of the Open House cultural initiative was born in London in 1992, from the architectural work of the founder Victoria Thornton, and has since spread throughout the world, allowing thousands of visitors to discover the unexplored attractions of the urban landscape. 

More information on the history of Open House Worldwide can be found on its website. For more details on Brno’s festival highlights, follow the updates and announcements on Facebook

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