Two New Mobile Apps Allow Users To Show Proof of Covid-19 Certificates

As of Thursday, July 1st, two mobile applications have launched allowing users to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination, testing, or prior illness. The applications are available for download for Apple and Android users. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., July 1 (BD) – From today, two mobile applications allow users to prove vaccination against Covid-19, a negative test, or prior illness. Launched by the Ministry of Health, the applications allow users to access QR codes containing their relevant personal information and Covid-19 certification.

From July 1st, all EU member states plus Serbia will accept the digital Covid Passes as proof of vaccination against Covid-19. Use of the Covid Pass has been developed within the Czech Republic in compliance with regulations on ONT (vaccine, illness, test).

The Ministry of Health has developed two mobile applications – čTečka and Tečka. The first contains a QR code based on the certificates issued, and the second reads the code and displays whether Covid-19 vaccination or testing has been performed at the required interval, either according to the rules of cross-border movement or the requirements for entering shops, establishments, cultural or sports events.


Tečka is an application available for Apple and Android that contains a QR code based on previously issued certificates for vaccination, testing, or prior illness. The QR code is equipped with a digital signature that protects against forgery. It is possible to download more than one certificate from the application by uploading them from or scanning previously downloaded certificates. The application can be used without Internet access, meaning that your QR code will be available even if you are offline.


čTečka is an application available for Apple and Android that reads the QR code either from the Tečka application, a paper certificate, or a certificate in an electronic version presented on any device. The application scans the QR code with the phone’s camera, and the phone’s display lights up green if the certificate is valid and red if it is invalid. When scanning the QR code, the application will present the details of the holder of the certificate, including name, date of birth, the validity of the certificate, and which vaccine was used.

Both applications can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. More information regarding the applications can be found at

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