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In Brief: Increasing Adoption of E-Government By Czech Citizens

Czech citizens are increasingly using online services to keep in touch with the public administration. The pandemic has drawn attention to the utility of online services. Credit: Freepik.

Czech Rep, Oct 7 (BD) – The citizen portal has become an increasingly popular tool for Czech citizens to keep in touch with public administration and eGovernment services.

“The citizen portal started with 30,000 users, today there are a quarter of a million. Today the databases have a million more users than in the first year after launch and e-Identita has over 4.3 million users. People want to communicate with the state electronically, and the state is offering them ever-better services,” said Jaroslav Strouhal, Deputy Minister of the Interior.

At the moment, the portal offers access to more than 400 services, related to social security, financial administration, and other services such as an electronic disability requests or license renewals.

In the last ten months there has been a significant increase in clients using the portal, from 72,000 to 250,000.

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