Czech Republic Ranks 22 of 139 In The “Rule Of Law” Ranking

A new index analysis comparing the “rule of law” around the world shows a deteriorating trend globally, with three quarters of the 139 countries surveyed recording a worsening in this area. Photo Title: Rule of Law Index / WJP.

Czech Rep. Oct 14 (BD) – The nonprofit World Justice Project (WJP) has compiled a “Rule of Law Index”, by collecting independent and original data on the rule of law from 139 countries and jurisdictions. The Czech Republic ranks 22nd, maintaining approximately the same position in the ranking.

Since 2018 there has been a deterioration in the Czech Republic, which has a score of 0.73 points (on a range from 0 to 1). The country’s weaknesses are related to corruption (in particular regarding legislative and executive power) and civil law. On the other hand, the country’s strengths are “fundamental rights” and “order and security”.

However, the situation in relation to the rule of law has worsened in most of the countries analyzed. Compared to the last ranking, in the pre-covid period, 74.2% of countries have seen a deterioration in the quality of the rule of law.

The most alarming cases, according to the WJP, are Belarus and Burma (where protests against undemocratic regimes were forcibly suppressed). Hungary is last among EU countries, with a score of 0.54. Poland has also dropped considerably, losing 2.4% of its score since the last analysis.

The best performing countries are the Scandinavian countries. Norway and Denmark are scored with 0.9 points.

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