Vojtech Says Antigen Test No Longer Sufficient for Events Over 1,000 From November 22nd

The Health Minister described the situation as serious at this morning’s press conference. He also stressed the positive effect of vaccination. “With a higher rate of vaccination of around 80%, we would have only a fifth of the number of people in hospitals,” said Vojtech. At the same time, he noted the positive trend in growing interest in vaccination. Photo credit: Vlada.cz.

Czech Rep, Nov 4 (BD) – The vaccination rate of about 85% among the senior population is a success and important milestone, according to Vojtech. He also called on senior citizens and people with chronic diseases to get a third vaccination dose, as the effect of the vaccination decreases over time.

According to Vojtech, hospitals are not reducing essential medical care yet. The growth in numbers of hospitalisations was exponentially steeper last year.

The minister said he did not consider it necessary to “pile on more and more measures”, as the current measures are sufficient, and he called on service providers to stick to the existing measures. He added that those who do not comply with the measures are irresponsible and self-centred. Vojtech also recommended that employers enable working from home as much as possible.

Chief Hygienist Pavla Svrcinova has introduced measures to be discussed at the government meeting tomorrow.

For events up to 1,000, the OTN system (Vaccination, test, prior illness) would still apply, including antigen tests. Events over 1,000 would be open only for those with vaccination, past disease, or PCR tests. Antigen tests would no longer be sufficient. 

The OTN system will be applied at ski resorts.

The test validity period will also be decreased for social care facilities, as for any other services, to 72 hours for PCR tests, and 24 hours for antigen tests.

The new measures would apply from November 22nd. The situation will be evaluated every 14 days.

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