Czech Government Approves New Measures To Contain Coronavirus

At a press conference this morning, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Health Minister Adam Vojtěch announced the tightening of measures against Covid-19. The epidemiological situation is worsening across the country and the government is calling on citizens to get vaccinated. Credit:

Czech Rep, Nov 10 (BD) – At a press conference this morning, Prime Minister Babiš noted the worsening epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, which has prompted the government to tighten the containment measures, and in the meantime encouraged citizens to get vaccinated, as reported by Seznam Zprávy.

The new provisions will particularly affect healthcare workers and universities. Babiš said he would convene the Council of Ministers on Thursday to propose new measures, which could be approved as early as Friday, and come into force from November 15th.

“From November 15th, every hospital employee will be tested. In short, anyone who comes into contact with patients and is not vaccinated will be required to take the test once every seven days, starting on Monday,” said Vojtěch.

The measures also concern university students. From now on, the mandatory wearing of masks will be extended to all levels of education including universities, in places with more than 50 students.

“We are extending the requirement to wear respiratory protection to universities, when there are at least 50 students or pupils in one place. Whether in colleges, vocational schools, primary or secondary schools, students will need to have respirators in their classrooms,” said Vojtech.

The government also encouraged citizens to continue the vaccination campaign.

According to Seznam Zprávy, foreigners who have resided for many years in the Czech Republic will now be able to get vaccinated for free.

The new restrictions represent a tightening of the rules already in place, and will most likely take effect on Monday, November 15th. No new closures are planned for now.

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