Vojtech To Propose State of Emergency For Czech Republic To Address Covid-19 Crisis

Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) will propose the declaration of a state of emergency at the government’s meeting today, according to reports this morning from Czech media outlets. Photo: Prime Minister Andrej Babis commenting on the situation, Nov. 19 via The Office of the Government. Credit: Vlada.cz.

Czech Rep, Nov 22 (BD) – Among other measures, the state of emergency would enable the enlistment of medical students to help in the hospitals that are reporting increasing operational problems due to the sharply rising number of Covid-19 patients.

Education Minister Robert Plaga said on social media he hopes the Health Ministry does not want a state of emergency so that medics can help hospitals instead of studying. “I hope the Chief Hygienist and Health Ministry do not mean that seriously!” wrote the Minister.

There are currently 4,885 patients with Covid in Czech hospitals. 

The government will decide today.

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