Brno University Hospital Will Oversee Other Vaccination Centers In South Moravia

Due to increasing interest in vaccinations and applications for the third booster dose, more vaccination centres are expected to open soon in the South Moravian Region. Vaccinations in the South Moravian Region will be managed by the Brno University Hospital (FN Brno). Credit: KK / Brnodaily

Brno, Dec 20 (BD) – “We need to open new vaccination centers,” said South Moravian Governor Jan Grolich. “General practitioners cannot handle this workload during their normal work. The deadlines for booster benefits are shortening, so we need more capacity. But it can no longer be cultural centres and sports halls like in summer. It is probable that the centres will be open for at least a year due to further revaccinations. We found several different ways to manage the whole project of centers that do not burden the hospitals and at the same time are managed organizationally. In the end, we decided to establish cooperation with FN Brno, which has a functioning team and experience in managing the best vaccination center in the country in Brno at BVV.”  

“The best treatment is prevention and we have nothing better than vaccination yet,” said Jaroslav Štěrba, director of FN Brno. “If we don’t vaccinate, we’ll flood the hospitals. If we are vaccinated, we will be able to focus on the main reason why FN Brno is here: centralised and super-specialized care.” 

FN Brno has already been involved in vaccination in Znojmo, where a center was established in the VZP building on Monday, December 13, vaccinating around 300 people a day. The creation of another vaccination center has significantly helped the Znojmo hospital. A similar plan should be gradually implemented in other cities in the South Moravian Region. These days, intensive work is being done on the technical, spatial and staffing preparations of the vaccination centers in Kyjov and Hodonín, planned to open for the beginning of the year.   

The speed of opening the vaccination centers will depend mainly on staffing, medical, nursing and administrative constraints. Smooth operation is best ensured by local health professionals and volunteers.  “The current situation is not ideal in healthcare,” said Ondřej Ludka, medical deputy of FN Brno. “We are happy for every hand, but it is not possible for the staff of FN Brno to cover all the centers in question. For these reasons, we used the database “Doctors help the Czech Republic” and we tried to contact local health professionals to actively participate in the operation of vaccination centers.”  

The hospital will also welcome the help of volunteers to take care of the smooth running of the centers. Although voluntary, the work is financially rewarded. It has been almost a year since the first paramedics began to be vaccinated at FN Brno. During that time, thanks also to the large-capacity vaccination center, the hospital administered almost half a million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccination center at the Brno Exhibition Center ceased operations at the end of the summer.

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