First Data Released From 2021 Census In The Czech Republic

In the first online census in Czech Republic’s history, the population of the Czech Republic was 10,524,167. It has increased by 87,600 since the previous census in 2011. The census took place under adverse conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo credit:

Czech Republic, Jan 14 (BD) – Almost half the Czech population (48.2%) live in four regions: the capital city of Prague, Central Bohemia, South Moravia, and Moravian-Silesia. Prague stands out from the other regions, with the lowest average age (41.4 years), the lowest share of the population with Czech citizenship (86.1%), and the highest share of university-educated persons over 15 years of age (33.7%). The oldest inhabitants, with an average age of 43.8, live in the Zlín Region. In the regions of Moravia, a higher proportion of the population with Moravian nationality was evident.

The nationwide average age of the population has reached 42.7 years, and is slightly higher for women (44.1 years) than for men (41.2 years). Of the population aged 15 and over, 32.1% were single and 45.6% married. Among widows, women (13.3%) significantly outnumber men (2.9%).

According to the 2021 Census, 4.7% of the population were foreigners. Among them, the highest share of residents were citizens of Ukraine (1.4%), Slovakia (0.9%) and Vietnam (0.5%). Residents with foreign citizenship from EU countries made up 1.5% of the population and outside the EU 3.2% of the population.

The most common type of homeowners were natural persons, who owned 88.4% of all homes. The second most common form of ownership was “co-ownership of apartment owners (units)”, which was registered in 146,799 houses.”The housing stock in the Czech Republic has grown to 2,353,024 houses, almost 195,000 more than in 2011. In the last 30 years, the number of houses in our country has increased by more than 484,000, which represents a fifth of the total,” said Robert Šanda, the Census 2021 case manager. For the first time in the history of the census, information about the ownership structure of houses was not taken from respondents, but was derived from registered data in the real estate cadastre. 

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