Brno University Of Technology To Open New English Program For Space Engineers

A new study program in English focused on the space industry will open at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of Brno University of Technology (BUT), in collaboration with the European Space Agency and other companies and institutes active in the field. This will be the first study program of this kind in the Czech Republic. Photo credit: Jan Prokopius

Brno, Jan 27 (BD) –  The program will be taught exclusively in English. “In our opinion, it makes no sense to consider studying in a language other than English, on which the space industry is built. This way, future graduates will easily find employment anywhere in the world,” said Tomáš Götthans from the BUT Faculty of Electrical Engineering. As well as the European Space Agency (ESA), private and public sector partners including SAB Aerospace, OHB, Honeywell, the Brno Observatory, JIC, the Brno Space Cluster, and the Aeronautical Research and Testing Institute also took part in the development of the course.

Graduates of the new program will be trained as systems engineers with an overview of the various systems found in satellites and spacecraft. The program combines knowledge of electrical engineering with knowledge of mechanical engineering, augmented by staff from the Institute of Aviation at BUT’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Photo credit: Jan Prokopius

Although English-language degree programs must include tuition fees by law, the fee has been reduced to a minimum, to EUR 1,000 per year. However, as many students have paid internships with one of the partners, their tuition fees should be compensated during their studies. 

The program is currently designed as a follow-up master’s degree. Applicants will need to pass a test in electrical engineering, mathematics, physics and computer science as well as a short interview in English. Applications for the study program can be submitted until the end of March 2022. More information about the new program is here.

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