Business Centre Opens In Hodonin, To Support South Moravian Start-Ups Outside The Capital

The South Moravian region has opened its first regional business centre outside of Brno, in the town of Hodonín, in the hope of supporting start-ups beyond the regional capital. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, 30 March (BD) – Yesterday, 29 March, an entrepreneurship centre opened in Hodonín, the first such centre in South Moravia outside of Brno. Its aim is to support start-ups and innovative entrepreneurship in the rest of the region outside the capital. Jiří Hlavenka, the Regional Councillor for Science, Research and Innovation, was a major contributor to the project on behalf of the South Moravian Region. The centre was inaugurated on its opening day with a workshop entitled “Do it!”, which took place at the Hodonín Municipal Office.

The aim of the South Moravian Region is to support development in the region and to eliminate inequality between Brno and other municipalities. Local regional business centres should contribute to this to a large extent, by assisting with training, networking and inclusion of business projects outside the Moravian capital.

“Compared to Brno, the cities of the South Moravian Region usually do not offer very good opportunities for business development, incubation, training and networking,” said Hlavenka. “However, even here there are smart and entrepreneurial people who want to establish and develop their companies and start-ups. They often go to Brno precisely because they get better opportunities for developing their business in the regional city. We would like to offer them these opportunities in other cities of the region.”

The town of Hodonín has shown an active interest in supporting entrepreneurship, which is why the first business centre in “Nebrno” is opening here. Others will gradually be opened in Boskovice, Kyjov, Vyškov and Tišnov. The South Moravian Region and the municipality are contributing to the financing with CZK 200,000 per year. However, the regional authorities are also assisting by supervising the quality of the programme, which is being provided for the towns by the company Podnikni to.

“An environment will be created in the South Moravian municipalities where people will be able to rely on the necessary know-how, support and tools when starting their business,” said Hlavenka. “We will increase the competitiveness of individual towns and make the South Moravian Region more attractive for new companies and entrepreneurs. As a result, new jobs will be created across the region and people will not be forced to move to other parts of the region.”

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The centre is part of the South Moravian Region’s long-term Regional Innovation Strategy. Over several years, this strategy envisions the establishment of a network of business centres in the region with long-term sustainability and development. Photo credit: JMK.

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