Brno-střed Summer Cinema Featuring International Movies Begins On Friday With Amélie

The summer cinema returns to the courtyard of Brno City Hall for the 8th time, and will feature more than 30 international movies. Photo credit: Summer cinema 

Brno, July 4 (BD) – From 8 July to 31 August, the courtyard of Brno City Hall at Dominikánská 2 will be transformed into a summer cinema, equipped with comfortable armchairs in the auditorium. 

The program will include high-quality cinema from Europe and around the world, including 18 Czech films. Also part of the selection are the Japanese drama “Drive my car”, French movies “La belle époque” and “Notre-Dame On Fire”, and Nordic movies including “Drunk”. German films including “One-way to Moscow”, “Run Lola Run” and “Goodbye Lenin!” are only CZK 50 to enter thanks to the partnership with the Goethe Institut.

“On the very first night, 8 July, when admission is free, we are showing the already cult romantic comedy Amélie, which is returning to domestic screens after 20 years. The cinema gates will open at 8pm, and the audience will be treated to snacks, drinks and music in the French spirit,” said Monika Šimková from the Noční motýl association. 

“The program of the Brno-střed Summer Cinema will close on Wednesday 31 August with the premiere of David Havas’ documentary “Too Late to Die Young”, which will be combined with the Brno launch of the documentary and an expanded edition of the book by Ivo Pospíšil, music legend and founder of the band Garage. Personally, I am looking forward to this documentary and I will not miss it. I cordially invite you to come too,” said the mayor of Brno-střed, Vojtěch Mencl (ODS). 

“A new feature of this year’s Brno-střed Summer Cinema is the cooperation with the Meeting Brno festival. We will be screening Emanuele Ruggiero’s film “Fashion goes green”. The premiere will take place on Wednesday 27 July with the participation of the filmmakers,” added Šimková. 

On the traditional Town Hall Open Day in Brno-střed on Friday 26 August, when admission is free, the award-winning American romantic drama “Flipped”, directed by Rob Reiner, will be screened. 

Films will be shown in original versions with Czech subtitles, but English-language screenings include:

  • 17 July – “Coffee and Cigarettes” by Jim Jarmusch (2003)
  • 20 July – “RocknRolla” by Guy Ritchie (2008)
  • 25 July – “Marry Me” by Kat Coiro (2022)
  • 30 July – “Last Night in Soho” by Edgar Wright (2021)
  • 31 July – “Boiling Point” by Philip Barantini (2021)
  • 21 August – “Down by Law” by Jim Jarmusch (1986)
  • 24 August – “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai” by Jim Jarmusch (1999)
  • 26 August – “Flipped” by Rob Reiner (2010)
  • 28 August – “Night on Earth” by Jim Jarmusch (1991)

For an overview of the programme for the whole summer, see the holiday edition of the Brno-střed Municipal District Newsletter or visit the cinema’s website at Admission is CZK 100, or CZK 50 for screenings of German-language films co-financed by the Goethe Institut. 

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