City of Brno To Support Health Programs With Almost CZK 5.5 Million Next Year

The City of Brno plans to assist healthcare programs with subsidies of around CZK 5.5 million next year. Photo credit: Freepik. 

Brno, 5 Aug. (BD) – Brno City Council has approved a subsidy program to support family policy, health services, prevention of domestic violence and informal care for next year. It will be possible to submit applications during October this year.

A total of CZK 4,358,000 is allocated for family policy support. “The goal of this program is to support families and the implementation of the City of Brno’s family policy,” said Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno. “This includes, for example, preventive and supportive services such as strengthening and facilitating partner cohabitation, family and employment compatibility, support for activities in the fields of health and leisure, sports and volunteer activities, and support for elderly education. This subsidy can also be used for family education events or preventive programs for the safety of senior citizens, among other things. Each project will be eligible for a subsidy ranging from CZK 10,000 to CZK 200,000.” 

The city aims to assist health services in Brno with CZK 400,000, and domestic violence prevention with CZK 370,000. “This subsidy will be used to cope with crisis circumstances or for legal assistance, such as defending clients in court, among other things,” said Hladík. 

The city also intends to spend CZK 300,000 to support informal caregivers. “The funds will be available for people caring for a disabled or elderly family member, for providing counselling and support to caregivers caring for their disabled loved ones, as well as for educational activities or promotional materials aimed at informal caregivers,” added Hladík.

Applications must be submitted with a factual and clearly worded description of the project, activity, service or other activity with a clearly identified objective, along with a structured and comprehensive project budget and sources of funding. More information on the application process is available at

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