Brno Day Returns To Commemorate The City’s Key Historical Events From 12-14 August

The traditional city festival commemorates the events of 1645, when Brno resisted the siege of the Swedish army and thus gained its position as a provincial centre. Photo credit: Michael Růžička / TIC BRNO 

Brno, 10 Aug. (BD) – The City of Brno will again commemorate the historic events of 1645 this weekend, on the occasion of the traditional Brno Day. 

The event will be held this weekend, 12-14 August, organised by TIC BRNO in cooperation with the Brno Bishopric, the 1645 Society and the Brno City Museum.The program includes a military parade through the city, a period program on Kraví hora and Špilberk Castle, and a demonstration of the battle. The successful defence of 1645, led by commander Raduit de Souches, is probably the most significant event in Brno’s history and will be celebrated with three eventful days. 

“This year the event will also be extended to Špilberk Castle, where we are preparing mediaeval craft markets and a cultural program. Both history lovers and families with children will enjoy themselves; the program on Kraví hora and Špilberk is also free of charge,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková.

On the first day of the festival, on Friday, 12 August, TIC BRNO is organising the popular underground tour “Black Ball for Torstenson” in the Labyrinth under Zelný trh. According to legend, the specially modified black ball was the only thing capable of killing Swedish General Torstenson. There are other legends related to the siege of Brno; the most famous explains why the noon bell in Brno still rings at 11am today, as the residents of Brno rang the city bells at 11am to deceive the Swedish army into breaking the midday deadline of their siege one hour early with typical Moravian ingenuity.

Saturday, 13 August, will begin with a morning parade of nearly 220 infantrymen who will walk from Denisové Sady through Náměstí Svobody to St. James’s Church, where a memorial service will be held in memory of Raduit de Souches. Afterwards, the army will move to Kraví hora, which will be the centre of the military-historical program until the evening. A period military encampment will be set up throughout the day, where visitors can experience the authentic atmosphere of period encampment life. The program will be topped off by falconers on horseback from the Thirty Years’ War period, an attractive equestrian show by the Tvrz company. There will also be a period fashion show, concerts of mediaeval music, historical folk, and the linking of musical tradition with modern art performed by the rock band Clamortis.

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There will be a period fashion show, concerts of mediaeval music, historical folk, and the linking of musical tradition with modern art performed by the rock band Clamortis. Photo credit: Michael Růžička / TIC BRNO 

“The main historical-military attraction will be the traditional battle demonstration, but this year it will be in the form of animated scenes showing key moments of the siege of Brno. The public will be able to watch the stage performance by Raduit de Souches and Father Martin Středy,” said Ondřej Anton of Company 1645.

On Saturday and Sunday it is also possible to visit Špilberk Castle. “The program at the castle is this year’s novelty, which will excite the whole family,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC BRNO. “Treat yourself to a pleasant summer day at the castle with a market of traditional crafts and mediaeval music concerts. On Saturday you can watch a play about the mythical hero Robin Hood or listen to Baroque love arias accompanied by harpsichord by the vocal trio Drei Engel. Throughout the day there will be art workshops for children, and the castle will also offer free admission to two exhibitions and the viewing tower. Saturday will close at 9:30pm with silent baroque fireworks.” 

The last day on Sunday will be dedicated to the spiritual dimension of the festival. Photo credit: Michael Růžička / TIC BRNO

The Bishopric of Brno will hold a pontifical service in Petrov Cathedral, and a guided tour will be available of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the statue of Father Martin Středa. In the gardens under Petrov, families with children can experience the fairy tale of the Bajaja Víti Marčík Theatre.

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