Brno Firefighters Win National Traffic Accident Rescue Championship

The team represented the region in the competition in Kroměříž, placing first. Photo Credit:

Brno, 11 Sept (BD) – As representatives of the South Moravian Regional Fire Brigade, the Brno team travelled to Kroměříž last Thursday to take part in the 10th National Road Accident Rescue Championship. The Brno city fire brigade took first place, bringing the medals and the national award back to the Moravian capital

The competition involves realistic simulations of the road accidents that units may encounter. “During the competition intervention, which has a time limit of 20 minutes, the safety of the work, the mastery of the intervention and the tactics chosen, the technique of working with the rescue equipment and the first aid provided are evaluated,” said Petr Oháňka, director of the Brno-město territorial department of the South Moravian Region Fire Service.

“For a long time the city has been cooperating intensively with the South Moravian Fire Brigade and the Brno Territorial Department,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková. “Without the commitment and professionalism of the fire brigade, we would not have been able to cope so well with the covid pandemic or the arrival of large numbers of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. We know that they are truly indispensable to the city, so we support their activities to the maximum extent possible.”

The city provides regular subsidies of CZK 5 million for the operation and equipment of the units, and assists with the acquisition of necessary equipment. This year, for example, the City put out a tender for the delivery of two tankers, each costing around CZK 9 million, and other technical equipment worth almost CZK 1.5 million. “Given this close cooperation, I am even more satisfied with every success of the Brno fire brigade, who I have already congratulated,” added Vaňková.

Rescue meeting Brno 2022. Photo credit:

Traffic incidents are one of the most frequent types of incidents in which the fire brigade intervenes, more frequent than fires. Last year alone, the South Moravian fire service responded to 2,253 traffic accidents, 121 of which were to rescue the injured.

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