NGOs Launch Charitable Bequest Month To Promote Donations From Beyond The Grave

The Easy Giving Coalition is launching its annual Charitable Bequest Month, running from 13 September until 12 October. Photo Credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, Sept 13 (CTK) – The Easy Giving Coalition, with financial support from the Via Foundation, is launching its annual Charitable Bequest Month on the occasion of International Wills Day on 13 September. From 13 September until 12 October 2022, donors will be reimbursed for the notary fee for writing a will. The aim is to highlight that good deeds can be done through a charitable bequest both during and after life.

In many countries, bequests to non-profit organisations are common, but in the Czech Republic, this practice is not yet widespread. According to a survey commissioned by the Easy Giving Coalition, 58% of Czech seniors believe that donations in the form of a bequest of money, real estate, securities, or even a small gift is appropriate. From 13 September to 12 October, the Easy Giving Coalition will reimburse the cost of the notary’s fee for drawing up a will (CZK 1,800 excluding VAT) to all donors who make a gift in their will to a charitable organisation.

“I think it makes sense. One can be useful even after death,” said Šárka Fabiánová, the vice-chair of the Opava district council of Junák, the Czech Scout organisation, and also the leader of a troop of the youngest scouts in Opava. “I work in healthcare and death is the order of the day there, whether it is accidents or serious illnesses. Everyone wondered if I was crazy, making a will when I’m not yet unwell. But I stand by it. It’s a good way to organise my affairs. Junák is listed in my will as the fourth beneficiary, which will get the same share as the legal heirs. And I chose the junior district because it can put the bequest to good use for a larger number of children. I spent 30 years in the Scouts and I gained a second family there. I donate on an ongoing basis, but I would like to donate something that would be left behind.”

The Easy Giving Coalition brings together more than 35 respected non-profit organisations, including Amnesty International Czech Republic, Salvation Army, People in Need, Sue Ryder Home, Doctors Without Borders, Post Bellum, and others. This independent platform works to develop individual philanthropy in the Czech Republic; in addition to the awareness campaign “The Will Helps”, it has also carried out “Donate Regularly” to promote regular donations and other activities.

For more information about Charitable Bequest Month, visit the website at

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