Industrial DADA Distrikt On The Banks of River Svitavy To Open To The Public

The DADA Distrikt opens to the public, with an exhibition of art works running until 19 October. Photo Credit: DADA Distrikt.

Brno, Sept. 14 (BD) – The ecological loft DADA Distrikt will open its doors to the public for the first time with the opening of paintings by Erika Voith and sculptures by Igor Kitzberger. The coordination of the Brno community project on the banks of the Svitavy River will take place together with the opening at 6 pm on Thursday 15 September. 

The exhibition, curated by Helena Tušková Vojtková of Gallery V, and the presentation of the DADA Distrikt project will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Brno-North, Martin Maleček. During the evening it will be possible to visit the entire complex, including the courtyard with a root-cleaning facility, open-plan offices, one or two lofts and a roof garden. 

“We dreamt up DADA Distrikt. It took a few years of hard work and steady nerves and now we live here, create and exhibit,’ said painter and project initiator Erika Voith.

DADA Distrikt was founded as a community-funded project, thus becoming one of the first ‘baugruppe’ in the Czech Republic. The term baugruppe originates from the German baugruppen, i.e. ‘building blocks’ and refers to experiences of participatory planning and collaborative building, in which people who aspire to have their own home come together to build their ideal apartment block.

The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade also acknowledged the value of this initiative, which sustainably converted industrial warehouses into a loft apartment building that forms a small town and interacts with the urban environment. The project started as the initiative of three friends, Erika Voith, David Klodner and Vlastimil Němeček, who found an old textile factory and, together with other enthusiasts, breathed new life into it. 

On the occasion of the public presentation of the DADA Distrikt project, paintings by Erika Voith, whose work is characterised by the use of gold in figurative and abstract works, and bronze sculptures by Igor Kitzberger will be on display. This is an established artistic tandem that, under the curatorial guidance of Helena Tušková Vojtková, will be on display together for the fourth time. 

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