Cost of Public Health Insurance To Reach CZK 471 Billion In 2023

The cost of healthcare services is forecast to increase by about CZK 28.5 billion (6.7%) year-on-year. Photo credit:

Prague, Sept 20 (CTK) – Public health insurance will cost CZK 471.7 billion crowns in the Czech Republic next year, according to the latest estimates from the Ministry of Health. The ministry expects that CZK 464.6 billion will be received in health insurance payments in 2023, leaving a deficit of CZK 7.1 billion to be covered from the reserve funds of the health insurance companies.

Most of the money, CZK 453.8 billion, will be spent directly on healthcare next year. The remaining CZK 17.9 billion will fund the operation of the health insurance companies or go to their preventive funds.

CZK 3.4 billion of spending is planned on treatment related to the coronavirus epidemic.

The cost of healthcare services is forecast to increase by about CZK 28.5 billion (6.7%) year-on-year.

Seven health insurance companies negotiated with representatives of 14 healthcare sectors over insurance payments for the first half of next year, and they reached an agreement with ten of the sectors. No agreement has yet been reached with providers of acute inpatient care, ie. with hospitals, according to the ministry. Half of the total health expenditure is on hospital care.

The ministry confirms the allocation of costs in the autumn of the previous year. If an agreement is reached, the ministry adopts this. If not, the ministry usually sets the payment level based on the proposal of the health insurance companies.

The incomes of the public health insurance system are monthly health insurance payments from employers, employees and the self-employed. The state pays health insurance on behalf of more than half of citizens, including children, pensioners, the unemployed, most students and some other groups. In 2023, the state will provide CZK 123 billion of funding to the system.

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