Brno University Hospital Opens Centre For Reproductive Medicine

FN Brno’s Centre for Assisted Reproductive Medicine has the longest tradition in the treatment of infertility in the Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Freepik

Brno, Sept. 24 (BD) – The Brno Centre for Assisted Reproductive Medicine is part of Brno University Hospital (FN Brno) and was the first Czech facility to offer artificial insemination. The department also deals with the treatment of endometriosis, reproductive surgery, prenatal diagnosis and reproductive protection from cancer therapy. In the area of male infertility treatment, specialised care is offered in uro-andrology and sexology. All courses are accompanied by the presence of a clinical psychologist. 

One of the main conditions the centre deals with is endometriosis. It consists of the formation of cysts, i.e. benign formations. They cause pelvic pain, pain during menstruation or sexual intercourse, but can also reduce the number and quality of a woman’s eggs. Robert Hudeček, the centre’s expert guarantor, said that up to 40% of women with fertility problems suffer from it.

According to experts, women with endometriosis undergo surgery that can ultimately lead to the inability to have children. By interlinking disciplines, the hospital aims to minimise the risk of infertility. Women can resort to artificial insemination after endometriosis surgery or freeze eggs for a later period. 

According to Lenka Mekiňová, a doctor at the hospital’s assisted reproduction centre, about 2,000 women visit the centre every year, and about half of them eventually opt for artificial insemination. “Of these, between half and 60% manage to get pregnant through artificial insemination, while others resort to other means,” she said.

40 years of clinical experience, supported by scientific research, is reflected in the results achieved in infertility treatment, which are comparable to those of the world’s leading centres. Currently, the In Vitro Fertilisation Centre of FN Brno offers artificial insemination using all the most effective treatment methods, including an egg and embryo donation programme and pre-implantation genetic diagnostics. The clinic offers endoscopic surgical procedures for the investigation and treatment of infertility and all care during pregnancy after IVF, including prenatal genetic diagnosis and delivery.

The department provides all the artificial insemination methods and techniques known to date, including micromanipulation, an egg, embryo and sperm donation programme and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis methods. In connection with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, examinations by a clinical geneticist, the performance of endoscopic surgical procedures, and all assistance during pregnancy are carried out.

According to Mekiňová, fertility in general is declining, due to the fact that women delay pregnancy until later in life, when it is more problematic to get pregnant. She added that every woman has a certain number of eggs at birth, which decrease in quality and quantity with age.

FN Brno is the largest maternity hospital in the Czech Republic and is planning to build a new maternity ward in Bohunice. Last year, the Brno facility delivered almost 6,300 babies. 

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