People in Need NGO provides CZK 811 Million Aid To 400,000 Ukrainians

Today is exactly seven months since the outbreak of war in Ukraine on 24 February, the organisation has managed to collect more than 100 million CZK per month. Photo Credit: Freepik.

Prague, Sept 24 (CTK) – The Czech humanitarian organisation People in Need has provided aid worth CZK 811 million to more than 400,000 Ukrainians since the start of the Russian invasion in February, they announced yesterday in a press release.

The organisation currently has 260 workers in Ukraine, who are helping people in the newly liberated provinces and elsewhere.

People in Need has also established the SOS Ukraine collection, through which they have raised more than CZK 2 billion.

“In the past month, we delivered bottled water and food packages to the newly liberated Balakliia in the Kharkiv province, we brought drinkable water to Izium only six days after its liberation and along with the UN convoy, we managed to get humanitarian aid to several thousand people in the Donetsk province. We keep delivering water, food and personal hygiene kits to other parts of the country as well,” wrote the organisation, adding that they are also continuing to help people as they prepare for the winter.

The biggest part of the money, over CZK 500 million, went to material aid and its distribution. Besides food packages, bottled water and basic sanitary supplies, the organisation also helps those who lost their homes prepare for the winter.

“Most recently, we have provided help in the Sumy province, to which we delivered tarpaulins and other material for 1,321 people,” read the press release.

The organisation also provides people in Ukraine with psychological and social aid, to the value of CZK 2.3 million so far, as coping with the trauma of war is as important as a roof over one’s head and sufficient food supplies, says the organisation.

People in Need staff have built many shelters for children, where they can find television, toys, puzzles, pencils, brushes, paints, books, as well as tea, biscuits and other refreshments, the organisation stated.

At the same time, People in Need has sent more than CZK 200 million to those stricken by the war. The most vulnerable families receive an equivalent of CZK 1,700 every month from the organisation so they can buy supplies based on their particular needs.

The organisation also helps Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, and has spent over CZK 76 million on this aid so far. Its field workers are offering social work and counselling to refugees, focusing mainly on those who have health or mental issues or other specific needs.

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