Czech Border Police Arrest 11 Human Traffickers

Since the reintroduction of state border controls, police have arrested many people smugglers. photo Credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, Sept. 30 (BD) – According to the Czech police, 247 refugees, mostly Syrian, had been intercepted at the Czech-Slovak border by 29 September. Since 16 September, 11 human traffickers have been arrested and charged.

At the centre of the smuggling operation was the small town of Lanzhot in South Moravia, in between the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia, where police checked three passenger vehicles at midnight and found 19 refugees being carried by smugglers. At around 4am, border police found four more cars filled with Syrian refugees. Then, around 7am, nine more Syrian refugees were found trying to cross the border. All the smugglers were arrested and taken into police custody for interrogation and further action, while the refugees were denied entry into the Czech Republic.

FB: Since the reimposition of border checks between Slovakia and the Czech Republic, 11 human traffickers have been arrested and 247 Syrian refugees have been denied entry to the Czech Republic.

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