Brno Goes Pink In October To Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer

An awareness campaign for breast cancer prevention will be installed on Malinovskeho namesti throughout October. Photo credit: zdravi.brno.cz. 

Brno, Oct. 8 (BD) – October will be pink in Brno, the colour of the regular October event related to breast cancer awareness and support for cancer patients.

In Brno, the balcony of the Mahen Theatre, Bakeš Palace, and the water fountains in front of the Janáček Theatre will draw attention to the “Brno is Pink” campaign on 13 October. The main focus of the campaign is the prevention of breast cancer—the most common cancer in Czech women.

Throughout October, an exhibition will be on display at Malinovskeho namesti providing comprehensive information about the incidence, risks, and prevention of breast cancer and ways to help. On 6 October, at the same place, medical students presented basic information about breast, testicular, and cervical cancers, as well as cervical cancer and the HPV virus to the general public.

There will be a discussion on breast cancer prevention from the perspective of female patients, on Tuesday, 11 October at 4pm at the Bolek Polívka Theatre. The speakers will include Štěpánka Pokorná, Director of the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer, Dr. Markéta Palácová, oncologist at the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, and others including patients with breast cancer.

The full programme of the “Brno in Pink” campaign can be found here

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