Learning the Czech Language Online Can Be Fun and Immersing

Did you know that the Czech word for hangover contains either the word cat or monkey? Or that Czechs say goodbye in unusual places such as when leaving the lift or the lounge? Traditional textbooks rarely include such intriguing facts and are therefore boring study material. Most of these textbooks are outdated, lack an element of interactivity and are not fun to work with. On the contrary, online learning platforms such as Czech Time offer an immeasurable number of ways to improve the quality of learning. Title photo: Freepik.

Expats want to learn the Czech language as they encounter it everywhere on a daily basis. At work and on the way there, when shopping and even during a walk in the countryside. In today’s hectic times, many people can’t afford a private tutor due to a lack of time, and employers often don’t offer Czech language courses. There are many e-learning tools available, but not all offer a comprehensive and step-by-step learning approach. Czech Time does.

Czech Time is an electronic textbook that guides you through all the intricacies of Czech grammar and vocabulary, and shows you that even the seemingly impossible pronunciation of some words can be easy. Their motto is simple: Learn Czech Online. Anytime. Anywhere. And they mean it. You can study at your own pace and take a lesson on the tram, in bed or while waiting at the doctor’s office.

Learning the Czech language on the phone is easy with e-learning tools. Photo: Freepik.

Tomáš Ptáčník, the mastermind behind the project says: “The website is designed for complete beginners, but there are features more advanced students will appreciate, too. Whatever level you are at, I have designed the grammar plan in such a way that you can never get lost. You are literally led by the hand since each lesson is built on the previous one. Also, I find it important to be in touch with students, so I always add short feedback to anyone who contributes their homework in the discussion section.” 

Robot, Polka, Pistol and Dollar

What do these words have in common? They all originated in the Czech language. Sadly, the list of Czech words that shine internationally is rather limited and there are thousands of other words that a foreigner needs to learn. As painful as it sounds, it doesn’t have to be a bad or dull experience. 

Animal vocabulary as you can see it on the Czech Time website. Image: Czech Time.

“Learning a language should be fun and visual,” says Tomáš. “It is proven that the more senses you engage, the easier it is to keep the learnt words in mind. Czech Time won’t pay for a trip to a farm when learning animal vocabulary, but you can see animal pictures and hear a native speaker say the words out loud,” he adds laughing.

Language Textbooks Are Dead. Long Live Czech Time!

Czech Time is a living project as the team is constantly working on new content, whether it’s additional vocabulary topics, new grammar lessons or website features unlike anywhere else.

Join students from sixty-four countries around the world who have already started their immersive journey of learning the Czech language. Sign up for Czech Time and use the code BRNODAILY at registration to get extra free lessons and a special offer for the premium membership.

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