South Moravian Region Will Train Ukrainian Teaching Assistants For Free, Funded By UNICEF

The funding is covered by the UNICEF Children’s Fund, up to a maximum of CZK 275,000. Photo credit: JMK.

South Moravia, Nov 8 (BD) – As a result of the military conflict in Ukraine, thousands of pupils have come to the Czech Republic who are not proficient in Czech. In response, teaching assistants of Ukrainian origin will be trained by the Educational Institute for Moravia (VIM) to assist these pupils in schools.

“We perceive a shortage of teaching assistants in schools,” said Jiří Nantl, Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region for Education and Smart Region Strategy. “Many children of Ukrainian origin already communicate in Czech, but some need help, especially in vocational subjects. Thanks to the UNICEF program, the costs to the region are negligible.”

The condition for completing the qualification in pedagogy for teaching assistants free of charge is the achievement of a full secondary, higher vocational, or university degree in Ukraine. A good knowledge of Czech is a prerequisite.

“Study for teaching assistants is a normal part of the VIM educational offer, but there will be a different type of learner,” said Leona Sapíková, Director of VIM. “We believe that the graduates will not only soon be helping in schools, but that they will remain part of the educational process.” 

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