Construction Work On Bauerova Will Limit Access to Pisárecký Tunnel From 20 March

The traffic restrictions will apply to the part of Bauerova between the velodrome and the Hlinky junction. Photo credit: Brno City Municipality.

Brno, March 9 (BD) – Traffic adjustments will be required beginning 20 March in the area of Bauerova, due to construction work on the outer city ring road, the start of construction of parking capacity at the proposed multi-functional hall at the exhibition centre, and other local construction projects.

The traffic restrictions will apply to the part of Bauerova between the velodrome and the junction with Hlinky. A number of changes will affect traffic, local parking, and public transport:

  • The route for automobile traffic from Komin and Žabovřesky to the Pisarecky tunnel stays unchanged. The same is true for the exit, which will only be available in the direction of Žabovřeská.
  • The Bauerova – Pisarecký tunnel and the Hlinky – Pisarecký tunnel will be routed along the Pisarecká diversion route.
  • Parking places along the exhibition grounds from the velodrome to the ninth gate of the exhibition centre will be suspended.
  • Some public transport stops will move. In the direction of Pisárky to the center, the Riviera stop will be relocated 150 metres closer to Poříčí. In the direction from the centre to Pisárky, the Velodrom stop will be moved in front of exhibition hall B and the Riviera stop will be suspended, but the Bauerova stop will remain in operation.
  • The crossing at the Bauerova stop will continue to serve pedestrians from the Riviéra stop, which has been relocated closer.

This scenario is expected to last until 11 April. The public will be notified of any further traffic changes for the next stage of the operation.

“We are aware that this is a pretty big traffic restriction, therefore in view of the approaching spring vacations, we are alerting drivers and passengers on public transit in advance,” said Petr Kratochvil, city councillor for transport. “The works will result in a reclaimed area, a reconstructed Bauerova, two footbridges, a new separate road for public transportation, new stops, and parking areas for the entire site, with a total of 426 parking spaces created for visitors to the planned multifunctional halls, the Riviera swimming pool, and the exhibition centre.”

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