City of Brno To Explore New Options For Cooperative Housing

There are old houses in unsatisfactory technical condition in several locations in the city. Photo: Neighbouring derelict building at Mostecka 12, before recent reconstruction. Photo Credit: MMB.

Brno, Mar 24 (BD) – Brno City Council is considering a new option to provide affordable cooperative housing, by renovating derelict apartment buildings. A pilot for this project will take place at the apartment building at Mostecká 16. Whether the house is suitable will be checked by a pre-project preparation team from CD Centrum Coms, as appointed this week by Brno City councillors.

“We are considering whether construction on so-called green fields would be a suitable alternative to the existing model of cooperative housing for young people,” said Karin Podivinská, Deputy Mayor of Brno for Housing. In several locations in the city there are old houses in unsatisfactory technical condition. If these locations are suitable for cooperative housing, cooperatives will be able to renovate them.

“We will now check whether an apartment building at Mostecká 16 would be suitable for this project and what the conditions would be for this type of cooperative housing,” added Podivinská.

The building at Mostecká 16 is a brick corner terraced apartment building with three floors above ground, in which there are 14 apartments and 6 non-residential spaces. The house is currently tenantless and cleared out. The costs for its reconstruction and extension are estimated at around CZK 43 million.

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