HaDivadlo Offers Season Tickets For English-Friendly Productions

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‘Perception’ (pictured) explores the concept of degrowth through melancholic introspection. Credit: Jakub Hrab.

Brno, Sep 12 (BD) – HaDivadlo, one of Brno’s most renowned alternative theatres, located in the functionalist Alfa pasáž in the heart of Brno, is for the first time offering a season ticket for their English-language audience. The theatre introduced their English-friendly programme in 2017, and this season will see four shows with English subtitles and English-language introductions. A combined season ticket for all four shows is now available for CZK 1,200.

The first of the four shows will take place on 24 October. ‘Perception’, written by the director Ivan Buraj with the HaDivadlo collective, explores the concept of degrowth through melancholic introspection. The lead actor, Jiří Svoboda, plays a young, disenchanted actor pondering his life journey in an almost Eastern philosophical manner. The second HaDivadlo English-friendly evening will be ‘The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch’ on 16 January 2024. Reviving the sad chapter from Brno history sometimes referred to as the Brno Death March, when thousands of German citizens were evicted to the Austrian border, the play follows the life of Gerta, portrayed by Sara Venclovská. The production is based on the book of the same title by the well-known Brno native Kateřina Tučková.

‘Humanism 2022’ on 26 March will feature a text originally co-written by Buraj with the filmmaker Bohdan Karásek. A group of young people are on holiday in Venice, and during their stay in an Airbnb, they discuss the effects of the invasion of Ukraine on our everyday lives and artistic production. One of the main characters, Bára, is portrayed by Táňa Malíková, who was recently nominated for the prestigious Thálie awards. The final show, First Ladies, will take place on 28 May. Based on a play by Austrian playwright Werner Schwab, the story follows three heroines exploring the process of ageing in women with a dose of dark humour. 

All the performances included in the English-friendly season ticket are scheduled for Tuesdays at 7.30 PM. Half an hour before each show, one of HaDivadlo’s external lecturers will introduce the show in the Studio space, to add context to the productions and enrich the viewer’s theatrical experience. The audience is also welcome to join the HaDivadlo collective after the show in the theatre bar Los Překápkos, where season-ticket holders have a 10% discount.

The English-friendly season ticket will be available until 24 October 2023. It can be purchased online through the website or at the HaDivadlo Box Office in Alfa pasáž. HaDivadlo also offers other subscriptions, including a yearly or seasonal ticket for an unlimited number of shows from the program.

You can find more information about the theatre’s programme and seasonal ticket options here

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