Discover Promising Career Opportunities at JobChallenge!

Job seekers are in for a treat as the highly anticipated JobChallenge Job Fair is set to unfold on Wednesday, November 1, at the prestigious Hotel Passage (Lidická 23) from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. With the participation of over 70 employers, this event promises to be a bustling hub of employment prospects.

The JobChallenge fair offers a unique opportunity for students and fresh graduates to engage directly with leading industry representatives. Fostering the ideal environment for discovering part-time positions, internships, and full-time employment opportunities across various sectors. 

Apart from the plethora of employment options, attendees can also benefit from a range of informative workshops designed to provide valuable insights into the current job market. Additionally, the all-day mentoring HUB offers the chance to have CVs and motivational letters reviewed by seasoned professionals, ensuring that each attendee can present their best self to potential employers.

Exciting new elements have been added to this year’s event, including a thrilling Company Hiring Battle and a live podcast recording, adding an element of dynamism and engagement to the already vibrant atmosphere.

Entrance to this enriching and informative event is completely free, making it a must-attend for all those seeking out a promising career path. 

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to step into the world of opportunities at JobChallenge. Mark your calendars and do not miss this great event!

Brno Daily will provide media support to the event.

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