Czechs Gave CZK 15.4 Billion to Charity In 2022

42% of non-profit organisations recorded a decline in donations in 2022. Credit: Freepik.

Prague, Nov 28 (CTK) – Individuals, companies and foundations donated a total of CZK 15.4 billion for charity purposes in the Czech Republic last year, over CZK 3 billion more than the year before, said Klara Splichalova, director of the Donors Forum, presenting the data to journalists today.

However, non-profit organisations raised significantly less money, especially in the regions, with 42% of them recording a decline in donations. Information about donations by region is available at the Donation Map.

“NGOs are an important element of civil society, and in recent years, it has been confirmed that helping others is a strong characteristic of the Czechs, which I believe will continue in the coming years,” said Jitka Seitlova, deputy chair of the Senate, which is today hosting the 13th annual Donor Summit, entitled ‘Courage for Responsibility, Sustainability and Philanthropy’.

According to Splichalova, individual donors mostly give to support people in need and the disabled. They gave about CZK 3.9 billion to charitable activities last year. Companies contribute the most to education and science, donating CZK 7.8 billion to charity in 2022. Foundations and endowments donated CZK 3.7 billion.

However, Splichalova noted that charity support is not proportional. She said the decline in contributions to smaller non-profit organisations is mainly a result of the crisis and the poor economic situation.

According to the Donors Forum, more people are now donating less to charity than in previous years, and one-third of them expect to donate less next year than this year.

“The projects that do not have as much media support or do not have strong partners are under great threat,” said the forum director.

Donations are the main source of funding for some non-profit organisations, she said. More complex issues, such as human rights and asylum care, also lack the necessary support, she added.

The sum collected last year includes aid to Ukraine to help defend itself against Russia. “Support for Ukraine was a really big solidarity wave and there was a lot of media attention directed at it,” Splichalova said.

She also said she considered long-term donation important at the moment. This has been growing significantly recently and young people in particular are interested in it, she added.

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