Winter In Brno: Where Can You Ice-Skate During This Christmas Season?

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During Advent, the rinks, including Za Lužánkami (pictured) will have allocated times with free entry and an accompanying program for children. Credit: Marie Schmerková / Brno City Municipality. 

Brno, 1 Dec (BD) – Ice-skating enthusiasts are well-served for options this winter in Brno. The popular ice rinks Za Lužánkami and on Vodova open today, as well as a completely new ice rink in the park on Moravské náměstí. During Advent, the rinks will have allocated times with free entry and an accompanying program for children.

The Za Lužánkami and Vodova ice rinks are operational from today. the first afternoon of December. They will be open on weekdays from 3pm to 8pm, and during holidays and on weekends between 9am and 8pm. Both rinks will operate until the end of February.

A number of special activities are planned to make the skating experience special. Santa Claus will visit Vodova on 5 December, to hand out sweets to the children. Furthermore, on 8 December there will be a Sports Day, during which both ice rinks will be accessible in the afternoon blocks completely free of charge, without the need for a reservation. Vodova will also host a figure skating exhibition on 15 December, and everything will end on 17 December with Advent skating and an accompanying program in the Za Lužánkami area.

Both rinks will have places to buy food and hot drinks, changing rooms with lockers, and skate rentals or sanding shops. You can find price lists and other information about the ice rink in Vodová here, and about the ice rink “Za Lužánkami” here.

Children playing in Lišeň’s Salesko ice rink. Credit: Salesko Brno-Lišeň.

At 5pm today, 1 December, a completely new outdoor area will open in the park on Moravské náměstí. Figure skaters will perform first, and free skating begins at 7pm. Moravák will offer four time blocks every day: 10am-12, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm and 7pm-9pm. Skates, helmets and equipment for teaching children can be rented on site. Details can be found on the official website of the rink.

The ice rink in Salesko in Lišeň also opened this week. From Monday to Friday, the rink will open for 90-minute blocks from 4-5:30pm and 6-7:30pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays also from 12-1:30pm and 2-3:30pm. Details can be found on the Salesko website. There are also free hours available for the public in the children’s and youth halls Za Lužánkami or in the Úvoz hall. However, it is necessary to check the current schedule of dates on the websites of both covered areas.

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